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The term zodiac (from the Greek ζῳδιακός [κύκλος], meaning “circle of little animals”, derived from ζῴδιον, the diminutive of ζῷον “animal”) denotes several places where a circle of twelve animals occurs. However, another suggested etymology is that the Greek term was borrowed from the Sanscrit sodi, denoting “a path”, i.e., the path through which the sun travels. The later is perhaps the more probable etymology, as at least one of the signs in the zodiac does not represent a living creature.


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  1. alo..chu nha co nha hong ??!!

    Bình luận bởi Thư | Tháng Tư 25, 2007 | Phản hồi

  2. Hello! Sometimes I can’t help but make a move with my sense co Nice joke! Who delivers puppies when the Vet isn’t available? The mid woof.

    Bình luận bởi crygrough | Tháng Mười 28, 2008 | Phản hồi

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